Tuesday, September 1, 2009

World's Smallest Dog - Almost

"4-inch Lake County Chihuahua may be world's smallest dog"
Orlando Sentinel (April 27, 2007)

"Meet tiny Dancer, a rust-colored, long-haired Chihuahua that may just be the world's smallest dog, weighing 18 ounces and standing not much more than 4 inches tall.

"Dancer's owner, Jenny Gomes, said the diminutive Lake County canine may be on his way to being named the world's smallest living dog by Guinness World Records.

"And Dancer may have a legitimate claim to the title. The last smallest dog -- measured by height -- was Danka Kordak of Slovakia, which stood 5.4 inches high, according to Guinness officials...."

I checked: Dancer didn't get the "world's smallest dog" designation. His owner entered him for consideration as world's smallest therapy dog, but as far as I can tell Dancer didn't measure down to that standard.

More about Dancer: "tiny chihuahua world's smallest therapy dog" famous chihuahua (February 27, 2008). Despite the headline, the article doesn't say whether or not Dancer got the 'prize.' On the other hand, it tells a bit about the chihuahua's training.

Dancer had some trouble getting trained: some of the people didn't think he was big enough to be a therapy dog.

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