Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kumquats Revealed!

"What is a Kumquat (cumquat)?"
Kumquat Growers Inc

"The word KUMQUAT is Chinese for "Gold Orange" because of the color of the fruit...."

"...Kumquats have been called 'the little gold gems of the citrus family'. They are believed to be native to China and were included in the genus Citrus until about 1915 when Dr. Walter T. Swingle set them apart in the genus Fortunella. (in honor of the British horticulturist, Robert Fortune who introduced the kumquat to Europe in 1846). "Cumquat" is the common British spelling of the name for the fruit...."

There's a video, showing how to eat a kumquat, too. Why, I'm not sure. I've never eaten one, but they look a bit like mutant oranges - so I'd be inclined to go at one with my fingernails - or a knife - see what's inside, and improvise from there.

By which it's obvious why I haven't made a living by writing etiquette columns.

Back to the Kumquat.

Kumquats have been coming at America from east and west. The British were kind enough to pass the fruit on to their former colonies - and Japan's been providing a sort of kumquat. Two sorts, actually: nagami and ninpo (Meiwa, the ninpo or neiha kinkan's called when it's back home in China.)

The Kumquat Growers Inc have a pretty good website, for someone wanting to find out about their product.

1 comment:

Brigid said...

I should see if they explain why kumquat is such a funny sounding word to us. Probably the two 'k' sounds.

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