Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blogs About Dogs - Not BAD

The blogosphere's gone to the dogs!

Well, no: but there are quite a number of blogs about dogs out there. I picked a few two years ago today, and these are still there. There's something to say for a blog that lasts that long. Even if posts aren't made all that often, its continued existence hints that someone's interested enough in the subject to keep the thing around - or at least that it's not so bogus that the hosting company deleted it.

Not all dog blogs are created equal, of course.

That shouldn't be all that surprising. Over the last fifteen millennia or so, we've gotten Chow Chows, Dachshunds, Basenji and Whippets from the the basic model. Starting with such a diversity of dogs, it's only natural that blogs about dogs would be a mixed lot. Like these:
  • Dogster: For the Love of Dog Blog "The Dogster Dog Blog is committed to tracking every story related to all foods recalls. You can count on us to keep you completely in the nose of every detail."
  • Bosco Dog Blog "...A Dog's Life in the City of Minneapolis, MN & now... Austin, TX"
  • A Dog Blog tales of two dogs and their battle against canine cancer and megaesophagus. Bubba and Pinche and gone, now, but the blog continues, with stories from other dog owners, and information about these diseases
  • Celebrity Dog Blog for those whose day isn't complete without seeing pictures of Jessica Simpson and Daisy, Mischa Barton and Charlie, and other celebrities with their dogs
  • Dog Gone Blog "handling out opinions like they Were kibble"
  • Funny Dog Pics the title says it all

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