Thursday, September 24, 2009

Interior Design: A Pretty Good Learning Resource

"" -
"providing free interior design and decorating education to the world"

"Interior Design and Interior Decorating Ideas..."

"The interior design industry revolves around creativity and the use of multiple ideas. At you will find a web site full of useful information that will inspire you to generate your own interior design ideas for free and at one website. It is so easy because this site covers bathrooms, color, bedrooms, soft furnishings, furniture history, makeovers, lighting, construction, interior design and decoration tips and much more.

"Free downloads help with design processes and color schemes and develop your skills as an interior designer or decorator...."

Okay, the website's got advertisements by the acre, pop-ups, the works: but, as far as I can tell, nothing that'll do more than annoy you a bit.

And the content, in my opinion, is worth the distractions.

The navigation, what I used of it, is fairly intuitive - you can start out by clicking on various rooms of a house cross-section, and get to brief discussions of what to do with lofts or attics, how to handle color (broken out by color), a bit about bedrooms, bathrooms, and other rooms.

The only jarring thing I noticed that clicking on what I thought was a home office got me to a page that starts out with:

"DIY Home Building and Construction Information for Decorating"
"As interior designers we would like to not have to learn about construction but unfortunately it is vitally important to interior planning and decoration...."

Well, good for them. The page does get around to saying how wonderful their article for interior designers, about construction, is: But I probably wouldn't have gotten that far, if I didn't have this micro-review to write.

Those 'free downloads' include a nine-page "Color Scheme Form" which breaks out the details involved in planning a color scheme for an interior space - and provides a sort of fill-in framework for a designer. I think it'd be helpful.

Another, "Design Process Scope," starts out with "Define the parameters of the project and map it recording what is existing.
"Initially develop a form for the brief taking. It should follow within the parameters listed below. (Down load this form from the site The brief system form)"

Okay - this probably doesn't give you the warm fuzzies, like putting together an aesthetically pleasing arrangement of color and form can: but again it's a tool to help you organize a project. And yes, I think it's possible that whoever wrote the form grew up speaking a language other than English.

Speaking from a decade's experience in a related field - graphic design - I can tell you that, boring as this sort of thing is: Not getting organized from the get-go is a big mistake.

The "scope" form (four pages) probably won't include everything you'll need to define: but it's a really good start.

And yes, there are pretty pictures, like this:

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