Monday, September 14, 2009

The Coffee Table Coffee Table Book - I'm Not Making That Up

"The Coffee Table Coffee Table Book"
Alexander Payne, James Zemaitis, Black Dog Publishing (2003), via RIBA Bookshops

" 'The Coffee Table Coffee Table Book' is both a light-hearted homage and studied reference guide to this essential yet overlooked piece of furniture.

The coffee table is an often ignored piece of furniture that is central to every well-bred living room...

"...Texts will include a history of the coffee table by design curators Alexander Payne and James Zemaitis...."

Yes, someone has apparently written a history of the coffee table - and put it in a coffee table book.

After researching two posts on subjects that have found their way into coffee table books - those outsized, profusely illustrated volumes designed for show as much as for content - I wondered if someone had delved into the coffee table's past.

Didn't take long to find this - and my guess is that there's more out there.

I'm still seriously behind (more in "Lemming Tracks: The Lemming's Got to Take Care of His Family" (September 11, 2009)), so I'll leave it at this one book, and move on.

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