Friday, September 11, 2009

And now, For Something Completely DIfferent: A Look at Some of My Blogs

This post is almost as self-absorbed as the character in my Narcissus-X blog. It's a listing of some of my blogs, with links and short descriptions.

If some of the blog topics don't seem as 'apathetic' in the dictionary sense as the title of this blog suggests I am, check out what I wrote about two years ago: I'm apathetic only in the sense that I don't care about culturally-mandated things

Enough about me, here are some of my blogs:
  • Loonfoot Falls Chronicle-Gazette
    • Small town life the way it never was
    • My answer to Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon
  • A Catholic Citizen in America
    • Following Catholic beliefs and practices in America: One man's experience
    • You think the Sixties were counter-cultural?
  • Another War-on-Terror Blog
    • Welcome to the 21st century.... Here's my view of the 21st century's great conflict
    • I'm no
      • Shrill peacenik
      • Ranting American chauvinist
    • Following a minority faith - by choice - may give me a different perspective
  • Sauk Centre Journal Blog
    • Showing the positive side of small town America, at least the part I live in.
      And, the negative: when it happens.
    • An expanded version of my Sauk Centre Journal
  • Small Town America: Minnesota
    • From the heart of darkest Minnesota: my view of small town America.
    • Even my webcam has a blog
  • Narcissus-X
    • A blog entirely devoted to Narcissus-X
    • A sort of alter-ego of mine
    • An Artist who's
      • Brilliant
      • Daring
      • Insightful
      • Creative
      • Not appreciated nearly enough
      • (I warned you about him)
  • Starting a Small Business Without Losing My Mind
    • The continuing adventure of publishing online, or
      • Starting a business in a new market with
        • New technologies
        • No tried and true business models
      • What to do with a miscellaneous resume
      • Getting laid off for fun and profit
    • Not your usual business blog
There's more, but that's quite enough for now, I think.

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