Thursday, September 3, 2009

Worlds Longest Fingernail Holder Now Digitally Enhanced

"Woman says life easier after breaking long nails"
The Associated Press (September 3, 2009)

"A Salt Lake City woman who held a Guinness World Record for her long fingernails before they broke off in a car crash says it was the most dramatic event of her life. But Lee Redmond, who lost the fingernails in February, says it's now much easier to do things and her hands seem to fly with the weight of the nails gone...."

The total length of her nails was over 28 feet: and her right thumbnail was an inch short of three feet long.

Yeah, I'd say she finds it easier to use her hands now.

According to the AP article, she's not planning to re-grow her nails: which seems sensible enough. I'm glad to read that she's adjusting to the new configuration.

Me? I let my nails grow maybe an eighth of an inch or so. But that's because they're great letter openers and fruit peelers that way. And yes, I had to learn not to give myself paper cuts.

The AP article has an undated photo of the lady, pre-crash.

"Digitally enhanced?" As Foghorn Leghorn said, "that's a joke, son! Don't you get it?! A Joke!" Oh, well: it helps if you grew up with Looney Tunes.

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A tip of the hat to weirdnews, on Twitter, for the heads-up (indirectly) on this news item.

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