Friday, May 6, 2016

No Picture, a Few Links, and a Rambling Lemming

Due to circumstances beyond the Lemming's control, today's image cannot be displayed.

The Lemming is not making this up, and Blogger's new-found concern over the dangers of .jpg and other image files almost makes sense.

The Lemming apologizes, and hopes that you will be patient while the Lemming, Norbert Nerdly — you may have met him in December 18, 2015's post, and the Apathetic Lemming's staff of experts — all one of them — go not-so-quietly insane trying to figure out how Blogger's new-and-improved policy regarding .jpg and .png images, and other security threats, works.

That is, of course, assuming that the new-and-improved policy actually does work.

Thank you for your patience.

After this is over, the Lemming is seriously considering taking a vacation.

Stuff that doesn't have much to do with today's post:
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