Friday, July 23, 2010

Soldier Zero, Starborn and The Traveler at Comic-Con

"Stan Lee Unveils 3 New Superheroes at Comic-Con"
Underwire, Wired (July 22, 2010)

"A time traveler, an unwitting heir to an intergalactic empire, and a wheelchair-bound professor who winds up bonded to an alien weapon: These are the latest superheroes cooked up by comics legend Stan Lee and his creative co-conspirators at Boom Studios.

"Lee, whose Pow Entertainment is partnering with Boom on the three series, introduced new characters The Traveler, Starborn and Soldier Zero during a Wednesday press conference at Comic-Con International here.

"Boom Studios' Chief Creative Officer Mark Waid, writer of time-bending series The Traveler, said the new comics would be inspirational and non-cynical, without resorting to a retro feel. He also said the characters would breathe with the kind of human foibles for which Lee's creations are known...."

There's a brief telling of each new comic's premise, a few more pictures - of Soldier Zero - and a bit of what Stan Lee and Boom Studios’ Chief Creative Officer Mark Waid had to say.

From the sounds of it, they could have a winner or three here.

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Brigid said...

So Stan "The Man" Lee is still at it? Awesome!

Brian H. Gill said...


Awesome, indeed - although Stan Lee's contribution may be as much lending his name and inspiring a new wave of cartoonists, as actual ink-on-paper work.

Maurice Mitchell said...

The concept of Soldier Zero isn't new, but for some reason, it sounds new and fresh. I think its just that Stan Lee seems to take anything up a level.

Brian H. Gill said...

Maurice Mitchell,

Agreed on both/all points. Actually, all three new heroes seem familiar, at least on the surface.

After all these decades - generations - it's a little hard to imagine anything startlingly new cropping up. Which is okay. People have been telling stories for thousands of years that we know of, and probably tens to hundreds of thousands that we 'remember' in the stories we're still telling.

It's been argued that there are a limited number of stories: the number varies from one telling to another. I'm inclined to believe it - and think that it doesn't matter. What counts is the skill, craft and talent that goes into the retelling.

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