Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spain Won the World Cup: Yet Another Post About It

I'm an American, so I'd call it the soccer World Cup. Whatever it's called, the World Cup 2010 seems to be a global cultural phenomenon. Since it looks like a fair fraction of Earth's 6,830,586,000 or so people are talking about it, here's my 'me, too:'
Final fever fiesta as victorious Spaniards party on"
The Sydney Morning Herald (July 13, 2010)

"Spanish men may have a reputation for machismo but there were plenty of hombres with tears running down their cheeks in the city's Spanish Quarter when Spain won its first football World Cup.

"More than 200 boisterous fans, most draped in red and gold, crammed into the Spanish Club in Liverpool Street to watch the game, which La Furia Roja won 1-0...."
"World Cup 2010: Spain return to rapturous welcome"
BBC (July 12, 2010)

"Spain's victorious World Cup squad have returned to Madrid amid scenes of joyous celebration in the capital city.

"Team captain Iker Casillas, carrying the trophy, led the team down the steps of the plane as they made their triumphant return from South Africa...."
"Spain World Cup heroes fly in, prepare for celebrations"
Barcelona News (July 12, 2010)

"Spain's World Cup heroes flew into Madrid Monday, carrying with them the World Cup won with 1-0 victory against the Netherlands Sunday.

"The Spanish victory flight from Johannesburg had been delayed for three hours...."
"Spanish media hails spirit of golden generation"
Reuters Africa (July 12, 2010)

"Spain midfielder Andres Iniesta's dramatic extra-time winner against Netherlands in the World Cup final was the crowning moment for a golden generation of players, local media said on Monday.

" 'Our Spain... From Here to Eternity,' daily El Mundo wrote on their front page, while El Pais led with 'Champions of the World' over the top of a photo of captain Iker Casillas lifting the trophy above his head in Johannesburg on Sunday.

"El Pais continued: 'The national team consolidated the leadership of a dazzling generation.'..."
What more can I say?

Spain won. Fans of the Spanish soccer/football are happy about that, and are celebrating. And it looks like a fair number of Spain's fans aren't in Spain.

Here in America, we see pretty much the same thing happening with the Super Bowl. Minus the global hoopla, of course.

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