Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Citizens at an American Spaceport

The Lemming wishes to assure you that this blog isn't starting an 'all, all the time' format. This article, though, and the one I micro-reviewed earlier, seemed too timely to ignore.
"New U.S. Citizens Sworn In at NASA Spaceport" (July 1, 2010)

"It may seem like one small step for NASA, but it's one giant leap for more than 100 people making the jump to becoming U.S. citizens today.

"For the first time ever, a naturalization ceremony for new Americans was held at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, launching ground of the space shuttles, just days before the U.S. Independence Day holiday on July 4.

" 'We're very proud to welcome 100-plus new Americans to citizenship here at the Kennedy Space Center,' NASA spokesperson Allard Beutel told before the ceremony. 'We've never had this at NASA before. It should be a pretty decent way to start the Independence Day holiday.'..."

I've sometimes thought that it would be a good idea for folks who always lived in America to study this country the way that those who were born elsewhere do. American isn't perfect: but on the whole, I'd rather live here than anywhere else. That's a considered opinion, by the way: I've looked seriously into emigrating a few times.

I also think that the people who have been coming to America are very important to this country. They're bringing drive, enthusiasm, new ideas and new customs that have - for 234 years, now - kept refreshing America's culture.
The Lemming will now go back to searching the Web for new and exciting ideas - or something else.

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