Monday, July 19, 2010

New York City, Paper Clips, Wire Art and a Book

"Wow! New York City "

duopress, YouTube (February 10, 2010)
video, 1:21

"This is a video for the book Wow! New York CIty.
"Available at bookstores and online

"Wow! New York City
"Imagine a City Built with a Paper Clip . . .

"Puck (Author), Rey David Rojas (Illustrations by)

"New York City has never been more whimsical than in this visual narrative that uses wire-art sculptures to explore the Big Apple. Everything starts with a paper clip that unfolds to create some of New York's most famous symbols, including the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Empire State Building. A lively text accompanies the striking visuals, and six pages of information chronicle everything needed to know about the included attractions and landmarks...."

It took a lot of paperclips to make these wire-art sculptures, actually. A whole lot.

The video as an engaging music track - it's probably worth the one-and-a-third minutes it'll take to view.

If you've got a case of 'Monday blues' today, you may find the child's giggle in the soundtrack helpful. Or, not.

Although calling a children's book "educational" may call up memories of dreary, ill-planned documentaries: I think the display of art that uses some fairly inexpensive materials might spark a child's imagination.

Or, an adult's.
A tip of the hat to amyhodgepodge, on Twitter, for the heads-up on this video.


Maurice Mitchell said...

Sweet. Its about time someone got around to building New York with office products. Now, we just have to wait for the inevitable "white-out" grafiti.

Brian, aka Aluwir, aka Norski said...

Maurice Mitchell,

Now that's a thought. ;)

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