Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fair Food Safety isn't an Accident

"Health Inspectors Keep Fair Food Safe"
WBNS-10TV (July 29, 2010)

"Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to enjoy a taste of summer at the Ohio State Fair, but very few people know what goes into keeping the food vendors and booths clean and safe.

"With more than 200 food vendors, it takes an army of inspectors to ensure they are using proper food handling techniques,10TV's Glenn McEntyre reported on Thursday.

"Lin Haman and her granddaughter Julia took a break to sample one of the fair's main attractions, the food...."

"Safe" and "healthy" are relative terms, of course. I don't necessarily recommend deep fried cookies and candy bars (I'm not making that up) to anyone whose youth and way of life doesn't let them burn off the fats and sugars in a few hours.

(Sauk Centre Journal, (August 2, 2008)
That's right: the Funnel Cakes concession also offered Deep Fried
Cookies & Candy Bars. Deep fried - candy bars?! August 1, 2008.

On the other hand, I'm not going to rant about how everybody should limit themselves to organic corn husks and dessicated tofu, either.

The Lemming saw the WBNS article as a refreshing change from the 'and we're all gonna die' sort of reporting. And, a pretty good look at how America keeps the food distribution system safe. With spectacular exceptions, of course. ("Peanut Peril: Remembering" (February 26, 2009))

Standards for "fair food" are the same as for restaurants: keep hot food hot, cold food cold, and wash your hands.

Wouldn't hurt to do the same at home - but that's (almost) another topic.

County Fair Season

Now, a bit of shameless self-promotion: I'll be posting about the Stearns County Fair (Minnesota), among other things, in the Sauk Centre Journal Blog.

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