Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hellgrammite: A Lake, a Character, and a - Thing

"Hellgrammite (Dobsonfly Larvae) (Corydalus cornutus)"
Texas Parks and Wildlife

"Other Names
"Eastern Dobsonfly

"Hellgrammites grow to a length of 2.75 inches (7 cm). They have yellowish to brown, stout, segmented, caterpillar-like bodies, large pinching mandibles, six legs on the thorax, eight feathery appendages on the abdomen, and four claws at the rear of their abdomen.

"Life History
"Hellgrammites consume aquatic insects and small invertebrates, and are eaten by fish, frogs, other aquatic predators. They are nocturnal (active at night). Hellgrammites are also poor swimmers, but voracious predators. To catch prey, they hide under large rocks and other shelter in fast flowing stretches of streams, creeks and small rivers and attack prey as it swims or crawls past.

"It can take up to three years before they reach sexual maturity. Mating begins immediately after emergence from the pupae stage as dobsonflies, from April through May. Up to 3,000 eggs are contained in each egg mass. Eggs are produced from May through August. Females lay circular egg masses at night on rocks, leaves, trees, bridges and other suitable sites that hang over water. When the egg masses dry, they look chalky and white...."

Hellgrammite is also the name of a lake in California, and a character in DC Comics.

This post emerged when the Lemming remembered Pootwaddle, a character - and a brand of cigarettes - played by members of Spike Jones' City Slickers: which is another topic. Topics.

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