Sunday, February 6, 2011

Five-Star Hotel Press Release - That's Readable!

"Marc-Michaels Interior Design Inc. to Design Five-Star Hotel, and Thermal Resort and Residential Complex in Leukerbad, Switzerland"
PRWeb via San Francisco Chronicle (press release) (February 4, 2011)

"In November of 2010, Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc. was invited to design the interiors of Swiss Development Group's latest resort destination, 51°. The mixed-use project will encompass full-ownership residences; condominium real estate; a five-star boutique hotel; recreational facilities including a spa, owners club, wine bar, retail and restaurants. Leukerbad, a quaint resort town of only 1,400 is located in Wallis, Switzerland. It has been known since the Roman times for its thermal waters that pour out at 51° Celsius, or 124° Fahrenheit.

"The concept of the project is to celebrate the famous water both inside and out, starting with the project architect, Michael Graves, building the envelope in harmony with the site and surrounding village. The interior design will embrace a water theme throughout the project. Private residences will enjoy their own personal spa features in each suite. A public spa with a well-known operator will be incorporated in the design of the building. The five-star status of this getaway retreat will showcase the most luxurious materials including bronze, wool, leather, and rustic woods...."

The Lemming saw "press release" in the description of this item, and was braced for the usual: turgid prose cranked out by some poor soul working against a deadline; or worse yet, written by an executive with delusions of coherence.

The paragraphs are rather long for an online piece - in the Lemming's opinion. But this is actually a pretty good press release. It gets the facts across diligently, without fluff or unctuous verbal lubricant.

The "known since the Roman times" detail was, again in the Lemming's opinion, well handled - briefly and clearly.

So, what's the big deal? As the Lemming said in the last post, this blog is limited strictly to stuff the Lemming finds interesting - and a coherent, reasonably well-written, press release is, to the Lemming, interesting.

Let's remember that the Lemming is a recovering English teacher, with a life-long love of language.

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