Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Specialty Candle Prototype Video


anoasisproduction, YouTube (February 15, 2011)

[no description]

A prototype - candle?

This is a new twist on the very old craft of candle making. Essentially, wax from the spiral wick's burning flows into the candle's core. Then, about 24 seconds into this time-lapse video, the central wick lights up. Apparently by itself.

What you don't see is the trimming and lighting that took place between two frames. The Lemming's been following development of this sort of candle: which is a new product being developed by the Lemming's son-in-law and daughter.

The video's got a few captions - which go by pretty fast, in the Lemming's opinion, and a nice music track. Again, in the Lemming's opinion. You may think it sounds like 'elevator music:' and the Lemming sort of likes elevator music.

Also Mozart and Daft Punk.


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