Friday, February 25, 2011

Now You, Too, Can Grow Mushrooms: In the Office?!

"Most Dangerous Object in the Office: Mushroom Box Mini Growing System"
Aaron Rowe, Wired Magazine (February 2011)

"Man, the gradual decriminalization of marijuana is really taking all the fun out of indoor agriculture. So we’re shelving our hydroponic systems in favor of an earthier new future: mushrooms. The housing, grow light, and clay pellets in this DIY kit are designed for foodie fungi - enokis, shiitakes, and so on...."

There's a video, too:

Turns out, it takes four to six weeks to grow mushrooms: from "spore inoculation to fruiting."

The Lemming isn't sure just how dangerous this mushroom growing kit would be: providing that one was sure to get safe, edible fungus. And didn't work in an office with a health nut, neat freak, or lawsuit-averse supervisor.

Not that the Lemming thinks that the little fungi would necessarily be a health hazard: or a beachhead for the mushroom people.

Quite a variety of mushroom growing kits are available:
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Mansoor Ahmad said...

It's a nice post with helpful good tutorial.Well, I'm going to reveal to you all the secrets of organic mushroom cultivation, no matter your starting level or whether you have no clue about it at all.

Brian Gill said...

Thank you, Mansoor Ahmad -

More to the point, sorry about not attending to this blog's comments.

I appreciate the time and effort to leave this comment.

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