Monday, February 7, 2011

After the Super Bowl - Comes the Next Super Bowl; or the Next One After That

"Indy expects 2012 Super Bowl to go on"
Blogs/Super Bowl, NHL (January 5, 201)

"Indianapolis officials expect next year’s Super Bowl to be played as scheduled, on February 5, 2012. But the league has said that if the Super Bowl is canceled because of a work stoppage, Indianapolis would be back in the mix for a future game...."

Which links to:

"Indianapolis expects 2012 Super Bowl to go on as scheduled"
Associated Press, via NHL (February 4, 2011)

"Officials in Indianapolis expect next year's Super Bowl to be played on its scheduled date, Feb. 5.

"If it's not, well, the host committee believes a title game will be played there in another year.

"On Wednesday, for the first time, chairman Mark Miles acknowledged that although the committee plans to be ready on game day 2012, league officials have indicated that Indianapolis would host a future game if a labor stoppage forced a cancellation.

" 'We believe we will have a Super Bowl in 2012, and if we don't, we'll have another one,' Miles said during a news conference about 400 days from the scheduled game. 'It's understood, that in the extremely unlikely case that we didn't have one, we would have a future one.'..."

The Lemming's hat's off to Indianapolis event planners, for their upbeat and optimistic attitude. Also their good sense in realizing that, quite likely, there will be Super Bowls after 2012. After all, American's aren't likely to lose their taste for the best that America's advertising agencies can produce, nachos, cheerleaders, cheerleaders eating nachos, and - there's something else. On the tip of the Lemming's tongue. Ah! Right! Football.

American football, that is. Not what Yankees call "soccer." Americans, too. We're not all Yankees, and that's another topic. Several.

Ah, yes: football. That grand sport involving fellows built along the lines of a humanoid tank, divided into teams which try to get a sort of pointed ellipsoid from the center of a rectangle to one or the other of its ends.

A fascinating and engrossing process, the Lemming's told.

The Lemming's also been told that it's worthwhile, sitting and watching a rock for a few hours. Which doesn't seem to have quite the same wide appeal as the Super Bowl.

Well, there's no accounting taste.

The Lemming's watched a Super Bowl: last year's, when the New Orleans Saints won. (Through One Dad's Eye (February 7, 2010) Now, that was a game.

As for next year's Super Bowl? The one in 2012? It's anyone's guess who will be playing - and whether the usual gaggle of conspiracy theorists, journalists, and overheated bloggers will be predicting the end of the world or the revival of Maya culture - or maybe revealing that football players are all really Elvis clones, and that's why they wear those helmets: so we wont Know The Truth.

Or - wait! This practically makes sense! Professional football players are really space aliens. That's why they're all so big, and not shaped much like Lindsay Lohan at all! They AIN'T HUMAN!

If the Lemming went on about it long enough - and used enough emotive terms - maybe that'd seem plausible.

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Brigid said...

Depends. I hear curling is popular in some places: "The Lemming's also been told that it's worthwhile, sitting and watching a rock for a few hours."

Come to think of it, some of our ancestors probably either played or watched it.


Brian, aka Aluwir, aka Norski said...


Thanks for the reminder of curling: Some of those old-world pastimes sound - strange - when described tersely. ;)

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