Monday, July 19, 2010

Surviving Office Life: 10 Points to Remember

"Top 10 Tips for Surviving Office Life"
lifehacker (July 17, 2010)

"The modern office isn't quite a wretched hive of scum and villainy, but it's not always pleasant, either. If your workspace, your co-workers, or your sinking feeling of not getting anything done needs fixing, here are ten possible remedies...."

The rest of the post is a reverse-countdown, from "10. Have Someone Else Do Your Handicapping" to "1. Ignore People—Seriously."

It's common-sense advice, like not telling folks why you can't do your job (they might believe you).

I had to think a little about "3. Avoid Email Annoyances and Red Flags," but it makes sense, even if you don't work in a shady enterprise. Managers and executives would tend to get nervous, seeing phrases like "huge mistake" and "can't believe" in emails. Particularly if they've recently read about another major financial/industrial meltdown. Bottom line there: Don't make your boss nervous unless it's really necessary.

The post has links to related pages - and is an easy, fairly fun read.

By the way: Happy Monday!
A tip of the hat to doFargoMoorhead, on Twitter, for the heads-up on this post.

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