Sunday, July 11, 2010

Preserve the Chutney!

You'd think, from the lack of chutney in America's media, that somebody was trying to avoid the subject.

Therefore, the Lemming, in an effort to bring diversity and cultural openness to this country's cuisine, presents: chutney.

"Preservation Principles in Chutney"
National Center for Home Food Preservation

"What is 'chutney'?"

" 'Chutney' is a relish-type condiment; its increasing popularity reflects the inclusion of ethnic world cuisines in the Western diet.

"The term 'chutney' includes several different varieties of sauce-type foods, drawn from traditional East Indian cuisine. The main ingredient may be an herb such as cilantro or mint; a flavoring ingredient such as coconut, onion, ginger, tamarind; or, in the most common form, chopped fruit or vegetables, simmered with spices, onion, sugar and vinegar. Fruit-based chutneys are usually cooked, then canned or refrigerated. Other chutneys like cilantro, onion, coconut, etc. are usually eaten fresh, with minimal, if any, cooking...."

There's more on that page - which is a fairly good introduction to chutney, for the uninitiated.

Seriously? I've yet to taste chutney. It's not that I've been avoiding the relish: but it's not part of the regional menu in my part of the world.

Here in Minnesota, you're more likely to encounter lefse and lutefisk. Which is another topic.

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