Monday, July 5, 2010

This Yacht is Supposed to Sink

"Superyacht transforms into 'pleasure submarine' "
CNN (July 1, 2010)

"From inside it looks like a swanky bachelor pad, kitted out with an abnormally large aquarium. But, this is no fashionable New York apartment, rather the latest in sub-aquatic luxury -- a cruise yacht that doubles up as a submarine.

"Still at the design stage, if built, the 'U-010 Undersea Yacht' would be the first to combine underwater exploration with all the comfort and style of a modern superyacht, say its designers.

" 'Submarines are generally thought of as cold and cramped military crafts,' Italian designer Sebastiano Vida told CNN. 'But this concept radically moves away from that assumption and introduces a new and luxurious way to experience life beneath the seas.'..."

Pictures that go with the article show a sort of 'Captain Nemo Meets the Thunderbirds' aesthetic, With a bit of "Star Trek, Next Generation" and Stromberg's lair from "The Spy Who Loved Me" thrown in.

I'm not sure how serious the designer really is about this submersible yacht, but Sebastiano Vida says the technology needed to build it could be ready in five years. He could be right.

Besides the slide show of 6 renderings of the incredible sinking yacht, there's another with 11 pictures of 'concept' yachts - ranging, in my opinion, from the simply silly to the elegantly possible.

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