Monday, September 7, 2009

Here We Go Again: JFK Assassination, an Old Safe, and a Really Odd "Transcript"

"Exclusive: Dallas County DA's office finds cache of JFK memorabilia" (February 17, 2008)

"But the curator of the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza said the conversation could not have happened.

"Terri Moore, Mr. Watkins' top assistant, said she believes the transcript is part of a movie that Mr. Wade was working on with producers.

" 'It's not real. Crooks don't talk like that,' she said.

" 'If that transcript is true, then history is changed because Oswald and Ruby were talking about assassinating the president.' "

A year and a half later, there hasn't been a radical change in what's generally known about the JFK assassination. Which either means that Terri Moore was right - or that THEY kept THE TRUTH from getting out.

My guess is that Terri Moore was right. But then, I don't take the threat of space-alien shape-shifting lizard people too seriously, either.

It's not that I'm immune to the conspiracy theory bug - it's just that most of them aren't aimed at someone with my outlook.

Still, it's interesting when JFK memorabilia shows up. The real Irish-American and the Camelot legend made quite a splash, back in the sixties.

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