Wednesday, September 23, 2009

College Campuses and H1N1: It's a Bughouse

"Get your own beer! Swine flu spreading on campus"
The Associated Press (September 23, 2009)

"It's lurking in that awesome party just off the quad, hiding in the shot glasses passed from person to person and in the make-out sessions in the hallway.

"Swine flu is swirling through the nation's campuses, but despite all the warnings, flu kits and prominently displayed jugs of hand sanitizer, many students, like Georgia Tech freshman Elise Woodall, just aren't that worried.

" 'I drink my orange juice,' she said. 'I figure I'll be OK.'..."

Five words: The boy who cried wolf.

I could be wrong, but a seemingly-endless stream of dire warnings - from acid rain to getting cancer from power lines; to the impending demise of the spotted owl; and that perennial favorite, global warming - I wonder if college students haven't learned to filter out warnings.

The article seems to be a pretty good look at what college administrators are trying to do: and the sort of 'what, me worry?' attitude I remember being a fairly common mind(?) set regarding matters of practical, personal importance to the college crowd.

I rather hope that common sense breaks out on campuses - but I won't hold my breath.

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