Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lemming Tracks: Son of New Feature - Reactions; or, Frustration Likes Company

Misery may love company. I'm not so sure about frustration, but it's nice to know I'm not the only one who can't get Blogger's "Reactions" widget to work. At all. (Blogger help search results, reactions)

About seven and a half weeks ago, I noticed the 'reactions' option for blog posts. It looked like a good idea for people who wanted to respond, but didn't have more to say beyond pre-packaged impressions like "cool, cute, funny, interesting, unusual" - which would be appearing at the bottom of this post, if the software worked.

Which it hasn't, to date.

Suggestions: 'Helpful' and Irrelevant

There were some suggestions. One of the more useful involved backing up the widgets, then clicking 'Revert widget templates to default' - sounds intriguing, except that I didn't see a comment that this was useful. Just "1 of 3 people found this answer helpful. Did you?" Without details on how and to what degree it was helpful, showing how to re-set a blog's widgets.

But I wasn't going to undo hours of work setting up widgets that were functional. Not to - maybe - fix a widget that seems to be rather effectively bollixed up.

Then there was the comment that told, quite clearly, how to edit the "Reactions" widget. Which wasn't the issue. Getting the thing to display was.

'Captain's Log: Final Entry'

The last entry in one thread, dated August 11, 2009: "will go over to "How To" and see if anyone has answered the question ." In my present frame of mind, it sounds like the note a rescue party reads, sometimes, attached to the wrecked plane's steering yoke: "Rations gone, out of water. Batteries dead. Will try walking to coast...."

Happily, all I'm losing as what might be a nifty feature for this blog. If it worked.

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