Thursday, September 3, 2009

Death Ray Projector! Cup Cakes! Will it Never End?!

"Vacuous chicks zap yokels with death machine!"
Oddly Enough, Reuters blog (September 3, 2009)

"Blog Guy, you've set up amazing fantasy photos for readers, and now it's my turn. It won't be easy. I want Miss Universe and Miss USA together, on top of a skyscraper.

"I think I can manage that.

"There's more. They must be holding a box of fancy cupcakes...."

There's an explanation for that photo. I won't say it's reasonable: "culturally normative" is about as far as I'll go. As for Miss Universe and Miss USA: well, there's a price to pay for winning those contests.

Don't get me wrong: I think the commentary on those photos is funny. And, now that it's pointed out, that does look like a Buck Rogers death ray projector. Sort of.

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