Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Color is Your Blog? Why? An Online Discussion With Resource Links

"Blog Design: Which colors do you use and why?"
BlogCatalog post, started February 12, 2009

"Color is considered emotional, because variations evoke different emotions in people. We all know that green is the color of money, but did you also know that green can symbolize greed, envy, and jealousy? The colors you choose will have a direct effect on how the public perceives your company or product. This can be complicated by the fact that our use of color on the web is now limitless: technology allows us to create millions of color combinations. So how do you choose?..."

There are some quite promising resource links in this discussion - and what promises to be an interesting collection of attitudes and approaches to the question of color and the blog.


Anonymous said...

The color you use in your blog does not necessarily depend on what color you personally like or feel like using at your site. Rather it would depend on what is the theme of the site or the blog...

Brian H. Gill said...

Trust in India,

Agreed. At least, for people whose blogs are not essentially personal expressions.

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