Friday, February 27, 2009

Monopodal Monsterpod Tripod - Cool Gadget

"Monsterpod Tripod"
Geeky Gadgets (February 27, 2009)

"Here's a useful accessory for all the photography geeks out there, the Monsterpod Tripod, which is designed to stick to virtually any surface...."

(from Geeky Gadgets, used w/o permission)

If Monsterpod Tripod really works the way it's claimed to, that's a fine gadget for photographers. And, at $30, comparatively affordable. Since it seems to rely on a sticky bottom, I wonder how long it lasts - or what replacement sticky stuff costs.

I'm not getting one, myself. I prop my cane on a stable surface to steady my hand for low-light-level shots - which, for my purposes, works fine. It sure would be nice to have, though.

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