Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ulitmate Character Profile Sheet! - Your Experience May Vary

"Ultimate Character Profile Sheet" "Character sheet"

"This character profile sheet is designed to profide [!] many things to think about when creating a character, and a few extras designed to help make a character unique.

"For explanations of some of these fields, you can visit...."

That misspelling, eight words in, didn't impress me: but the "Ultimate Character Profile Sheet" might be useful. It's in Wikipedia's "Writing" category, but it reminded me strongly of my FRPG (Fantasy Role Playing Game, for those with better things to do with their time) days.

One part suggests that this resource was developed for, or by, people interested in manga, or other Japanese-influenced fiction -

Internal Biology
  • Blood Type:
I think it's extremely debatable, whether this is the "Ultimate Character Profile Sheet" - but I've seen worse, and it could be a good starting point for someone working on stories with large casts and/or complicated characters.

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