Friday, February 6, 2009

'Indie Music' - Independent Musicians, not Music from Indianapolis

"Surf For Your Indie Need!"

Recent posts: The blogger's "About Me" page also explains what the blog is about: "With, i want to share my thoughts, comments, reviews and opinions on the latest (and past/old) indie music, indie bands and indie artists with the world and you."

I'm no expert on "indie music," so I can't tell whether or not the posts make sense or not. I can say that they follow a clear format - and I suspect that an indie fan would appreciate them. Or, be able to tell the blogger where he went wrong.

I'm so out of the loop, when it comes to contemporary culture, that I had to check around to see if "indie music" meant "independent music" - and that both terms were often used to describe performers and music that wasn't tied to a major record label.

The term may be new, but the idea has been around all my life. In my youth, there were 'garage bands:' teenagers with high hopes, over-powered amplifiers, and - sometimes - talent. Most were acoustic nuisances. Some actually sounded good.

When I lived in San Francisco, street musicians were about as independent as you get.

The point is, some artists - musicians, in this case - have, throughout my life, managed to steer clear of corporate patrons. I respect artist who use the opportunities for exposure that a large recording company gives: but my hat's off to those who manage to get heard, without that sort of backing.

Surf For Your Indie Need looks like a pretty good resource - regularly updated - for
'indie music' fans.

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