Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Language of Flowers: Does He Know What He's Saying?!

"Symbolism of Flowers or, the Language of Flowers"
Ready Reference Files, Santa Cruz Public Libraries

"While there is no uniformity of agreement concerning the symbolism of flowers, the following is a list of flowers and plants to which poetry, tradition, or usage has attached particular meanings...."

From Amaranth (Immortality) to Water Lily (Purity of heart), people have assigned meanings to flowers. The Santa Cruz public library system put together what looks like a pretty good resource for figuring out what that bouquet 'really means.'

But, ladies, a word of caution from someone in the other half of the human race: If he gives you a bouquet of marigolds and sage, it may just mean that he's a trifle eccentric, and lacks a good sense of smell. (According to this list, those flowers mean Happiness and Domestic bliss.)


Anonymous said...

India is a land of rich flora and fauna and from time immemorial our lives have always mingled with various aspects of nature. I believe it is only in a culturally and traditionally rich country like India that you can get unique meanings or symbolism attached to flowers...

Brian H. Gill said...

Trust in India,

Thanks for the observation. India certainly does have a rich heritage.

Euro-America culture has rather rich heritage, too - although I'll grant that today's dominant culture doesn't always reflect it. Actually, I doubt that there's a culture on Earth that doesn't have some depth to it.

Which isn't intended as an insult to India.

Note for other visitors: That "Trust in India" link leads to an outfit called The Ramnath Memorial Trusts. "The Ramnath Memorial Trusts services the public interest by providing information, advancing policy solutions and supporting civic life."

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