Sunday, February 8, 2009

Australia's Victoria State Bushfires Update:

Quite a lot has happened in Australia's Victoria since this morning, when I posted "Australia's Victoria State Bushfires: 65+ Dead" (February 8, 2009). The death toll is above 100 now, and will probably rise as police and firefighters make their way into burned-out regions.

Two small towns have been destroyed.

The Herald Sun ( has a 'how you can help' section. It seems to be geared more for people who live in Australia - naturally enough.

The Bendigo Bank ( has a "Fire and Flood Appeals" link, on the right side of their home page. It is possible that donations can only be made through this website by people in Australia, but I haven't confirmed that.

And, trite as this may sound, I suggest that you consider praying for the victims and survivors of this disastrous bushfire. And the floods in northern Australia.

In the news:
  • "Victoria in Flames" (February 8, 2009)
    • "Victoria bushfires - all the facts
      "UPDATE 2:17pm: POLICE have confirmed 128 people have died in Victoria's bushfires with more victims expected."
    • "How you can help
      "10:02am | Staff writer
      "THERE are several ways you can help the victims of Victoria's worst ever bushfires...."
  • "Scores killed in Australia's 'worst fires'"
    CNN (February 8, 2009)
    • "(CNN) -- Australia's raging wildfires have killed at least 111 people, decimating massive spands [!] of land and leaving thousands of residents homeless, creating situation officials say they've never experienced.
    • "The fires have swept through the state of Victoria, leaving some firefighters and police to describe the destruction 'as something of a holocaust,' said Phil Shepherd, an inspector with the Victoria State Police.
    • " 'We had an impact all over the state,' Shepherd told CNN Monday, adding that two towns have been 'completely wiped out.'..."

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