Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Dreaming Tree: Cool Art Blog

"The Dreaming Tree"
"Where nature, dreams and art find a home."

"Most of the art & photos seen here are for sale. Posts including paintings (& in some cases, prints,) that are currently for sale are available here. E-mail...."

Another description of this is "The art, photography & dreams of Lana Gramlich. Also notes on these subjects & other natural sciences (astronomy, parklands, etc.) "

(from The Dreaming Tree, used without permission)
"Summer at the Lake"
8x10" acrylic on stretched canvas

Lana's BlogCatalog profile starts with: "Artist, amateur naturalist and astronomer. Long time dreamworker & Celtic researcher. "Real" job is at a local library. Finally married in '07, two days before my 40th birthday. I'm not cynical--I'm realistic...."

Now, it's my turn.

She's got a YouTube account, too (zqxzqxzqx).

Someone described Gramlich's art as "pretty pictures." True, but I'd go further than that. The paintings are fairly representational, but simplified depictions. I'll admit to a bias. Although I apparently live about a thousand miles away from Gramlich, the lands here in central Minnesota are quite a bit like what her art shows.

I'll probably be back to "The Dreaming Tree" - for the pictures, and to study how Gramlinch has been presenting her work.


Lana Gramlich said...

Aw, shucks...You're too kind! As for my art resembling your area, I lived in Canada (S. Ontario,) for 18 years, & some of my paintings are based on photos or memories of the north (although y'all can KEEP all of that sn*w. I'm totally done with THAT! ;) *L*

Charles Gramlich said...

Yep, I stole her all the way from Canada and moved her south. She doesn't seem to mind the lack of snow, for sure. You should have heard her this year when we actually woke up one morning and had some snow. I love her art.

Brian H. Gill said...


Thanks for the background. And, for the insights. And, agreed: snow is an acquired taste, and not for everyone.

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