Sunday, February 8, 2009

Australia's Victoria State Bushfires: 65+ Dead

"65 dead, hundreds of homes lost, as bushfires rage through Victoria" (February 8, 2009) (UPDATED February 9, 2009)

"AT least 65 people are dead in the bushfires ripping through Victoria, in a disaster which has eclipsed the state's Ash Wednesday devastation of two decades ago.

"Authorities are continuing a grim search for more bodies as horrific eyewitness accounts emerge from devastated communities. It was estimated at least 640 homes had been lost - 550 of them in the Kinglake area...."

"Raging Australia bushfires kill at least 65"
CNN (February 8, 2009)

" (CNN) -- The death toll from the wildfires in southeastern Australia rose to 65 as scores of firefighters continued to battle the flames, police said Sunday.

"Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced the creation of an Aust $10 million relief fund to help immediately assist the more than 600 families that have lost homes to the blaze...."

Obviously, this is a very bad situation. 600 families burned out of their homes, 65 bodies found so far, and some survivors have very serious burns.

Just a Suggestion: but These People Could Use Help

First, and this is just a suggestion: pray.

The Australian news service I quoted wrote:

"Donations for those affected are being accepted by the National Australia Bank and Bendigo Bank.

"The Australian Red Cross is accepting blood donations...."

Unless you're in or near Australia's Victoria, donating blood may not be practical.

Thanks to the Internet, though, if you're reading this, you can reach those banks:
  • National Australia Bank
    I didn't find any reference to the Victoria disaster, but it's early days yet.
  • Bendigo Bank
    The Bendigo Bank has a "Bushfire AppealFire and Flood Appeals" link, on the right side of their home page.
On top of everything else: it looks like at least two of the fires were deliberately set.


Anonymous said...

The Age is reporting 76 dead in Victoria today due to the bushfires. I've just gone through the Age coverage of the bushfires and have emerged sceptical. Not one of the 76 has been named. Even people from small towns who say they know people who have died did not give their names.

This is an extraordinary situation - we KNOW that 76 people are dead, yet not one of them apparently has a name. Is this a media hoax designed to make Australians panic and line up solidly behind Kevin Rudd's 'climate change agenda'?

Marc Z said...

I think you may find the authorities will release the names once missing people records are confirmed and bodies are identified. The nature of these fires is that they burn at such high temperatures identification can only be done by experts who are flying in to help with the grim task of matching bodies to dental and other DNA records. Then comes the task of notifying the next of kin where relatives are given the terrible news they have lost husbands, wives, daughters, sons, uncles, aunties, children, grand mothers and fathers to this horrific terrifying disaster. I doubt that there is any plot to subvert popularity for any politician. They are the last people on the minds of those affected. Even thought your final comment is disappointing, I can only hope that your comment was an attempt at sarcastic humor. Australians stick together in times of disaster, like all people I would hope do in times of crisis, there will be tears, rivers of them, but there is strong spirit in these people too. They will recover and rebuild.
Marc Z

Anonymous said...

I'm glad all these useless cunts died. Fuck them. What did had they done for me lately? Nothing. Burn motherfucker, burn. Victoria is a shitty place any way. Full of fuck heads like you.

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

Anonymous 1 and Anonymous 2,

I suppose the Victoria fire could be a media hoax: and that lizard people who (according to David Icke) run the world could be behind it.

That's not too likely, though.

We have natural disasters, here in Minnesota and the Dakotas, too. And, too often, victims aren't immediately named.

In the real world, someone who has been burned to death may be recognizable as human, but lack the sort of identifying features we're accustomed to seeing.

As for identification they might have been carrying: unless it was something like military dog tags, it might not be in any better shape that what's left of the body.

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

Marc Z,

I see you live in the same universe as I do.

Remarkable response by Anonymous 2.

Marc Z, thanks for injecting a bit of fact and reason.

And compassion.

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