Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Narcissus-X: Angsty Artist and Borderline-Incoherent Blogger

"Narcissus-X Rebukes a Ridiculous Review "
Narcissus-X (February 11, 2009)

"Dance, necrous nimbus of nightshade! Dim dimensions of derivative drivel drip derision, yet Narcissus-X shall not yield!

"Though rubicund rumbas of rancid ridicule may rail, Narcissus-X triumphs! For Art is all, all is art, and artist is master over art, yet is mastered by art's arrows of despond...."

Narcissus-X is a fictional character I created. He's an artist, and writes the Narcissus-X blog: which is about Narcissus-X and the Narcissus-X blog.

You could think of the blog as a sort of intellectual positive-feedback loop.

Narcissus-X himself is like quite a few of the angst-ridden, self-absorbed, almost terminally artistic people I ran into during my college days. And, he's quite a bit like a part of me that I generally keep in a padded room, far away from the front desk of my mind.

Today, Narcissus-X seems to be upset about a review of one of his poems.


Brigid said...

"During *my* college"? Wow. You had a college?

Brian H. Gill said...


>< Oops.

Nope. Never had a college. All things considered, I don't think having one would be worth the trouble.

Thanks for spotting that!

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