Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fargo, North Dakota: Yes, They Walk Erect

"Fargo, North Dakota"

"Fargo - Not Just a Movie"

"Thanks to the Coen brothers, most people imagine Fargo, North Dakota as a hick town in the middle of nowhere, covered in snow and filled with crazy people. That's only partly accurate.

"In reality, Fargo has been enjoying a booming rebirth over the past ten years. Even in the midst of the housing crisis and threatening recession, construction and business growth continue at a record pace. The downtown Renaissance Zone has revitalized and revamped an area all but abandoned, with new restaurants, coffee shops, condominiums, radio stations, and boutiques opening regularly.

"This lens will be a part of a series of lenses focusing on various Fargo topics...."

If you don't believe that inhabitants of central North America walk erect, be warned: this Squidoo lens may cause temporary disorientation and/or confusion.

The Fargo, North Dakota described here is the real one: not what Hollywood thought would be funny (a comment on imdb, dated 24 November 2006, might be enlightening).

I was born in Fargo, raised across the river in Moorhead (a smaller, and less funny, place): "Fargo, North Dakota," what I read of it, describes the Fargo, North Dakota (Fargo-Moorhead, really - it's essentially one metropolitan area, with a state boundary going down the middle) I knew. Bigger, a little wealthier, with goofy art of the 21st century instead of goofy art of the fifties, sixties, and seventies - but not all that much different.

I plan to be back to FND.

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