Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Watch a Pencil Draw an Eye

"Portraits - sparks by Lucy90"
Lucy90, RateMyDrawings.com (March 19, 2009)

"well i guess this is my favourite so far :) as usual i rele appreciate all ur ratings and comments guys, thank u :)"

It takes a minute or two, for an animated pencil to finish this picture. I enjoyed watching the process, and the result: if you draw in colors, you might pick up some ideas.

This eye post is on ratemydrawings.com, an online drawing community.


HTML Coder said...

good post

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

Folks, that post by HTML Coder links to this URL:


I'm leaving it in place, partly because it might be a legitimate comment. Mostly, to show the sort of probable-spam that shows up.

Also, if you've got a comment - please don't make it one or two generic words, with a link to something unrelated. Odds are good that I'll treat it as spam.

Sorry, but that's the way it is.

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