Friday, January 1, 2010

Old Style, New Fashions - and They're Not Hideous

"Yunjin brocade makes the latest fashion"
China Central Television (December 29, 2009)

"One thing that will not cause any controversy is the beauty of Chinese embroidery, one of whose great examples is Yunjin Brocade. Originating in east China's Jiangsu Province over 1500 years ago, Yunjin Brocade was the most luxurious and valuable fabric in ancient China.

"It became famous for its beautiful cloud-like patterns hence the name Yunjin, or Cloud Brocade. In October of this year, the weaving technique for the fabric was listed on the World Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Over the weekend in the provincial capital Nanjing, finely produced Yunjin costumes were featured in a fashion show...."

You might think, reading some of my micro-reviews on Oddly Enough posts about the weird side of high fashion, that I think all fashion designers are psychologically-challenged - and possibly color-blind - wannabe artists. Not so.

I have a great deal of respect for fashion designers who realize that clothing is, primarily, something that human beings wear in order to enhance their comfort and appearance.

It looks like some of them live in China. I can imagine a woman wearing some of those outfits, without being paid outrageous sums to do so.

The Truth is Out There: Why China is Highlighting Yunjin Brocade

China does have a hidden motive for this fashion show. Not all that hidden, actually - but it is on the second page of the article:

"...Yunjin Brocade is in dire need of artisans to inherit the skill...."

Seriously? I wish them well. It'd be a shame if creating Yunjin Brocade became a lost skill.

The CCTV article includes a video (1:52) in English, and two photos.

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