Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bigelow Aerospace: Space to Rent or Lease, in Orbit

"Private Space Stations Edge Closer to Reality" (January 20, 2010)

"With two prototype modules for a commercial space station already circling the Earth, Bigelow Aerospace is gearing up for a full-scale assault on space.

"For the upstart firm, it's about volume — and not entirely in the sense of quantity or number of items sold. The company's expandable module designs are designed to offer low-cost commercial volume in space — for rent or lease — not only to private sector interests, but also to national space agencies.

"Entrepreneur Robert Bigelow founded Bigelow Aerospace in 1999. Over the years, the space businessman has invested some $180 million in his vision, drawing from a bank account built on construction and real estate deals, along with money gleaned from his hotel chain, Budget Suites of America.

"Entrepreneurial zeal

"As 'Mr. B' explains, space is no longer viewed as largely the exclusive domain of large governments and satellite telecommunications companies...."

As I've written before, I think that when it's time to build spaceships, people will build spaceships.

Looks like it's time.

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