Saturday, January 23, 2010



"Sticky Water
  • "The Shape of Bubbles
  • "When Bubble Meets Bubble
  • "Soap
  • "Bubble Colors"

  • There's more, of course. That's just the splash screen/index for the Exploratorium's section on bubbles.

    I've been to the Exploratorium in San Francisco - about three decades back. It was a marvelous place then, and probably still is. The folks who founded it had decided that people learn more if they're able to get involved with processes. Which is a sophisticated way of saying that the Exploratorium encouraged people to wade in and get hands-on with science.

    The organizers were careful, of course. The horseshoe crab had a handler who made sure that the weird critter didn't get hurt, for example.

    The online section of bubbles should be fun to go through - and 'educational' without making you want to scream.

    I checked the page source, and there's quite a lot of text that's supposed to show up on each page. Right now, my browser's not showing any of it, so all I get is a really big white page with pictures like this on it:

    Impressive, of course - but without the accompanying text, somewhat arcane.

    Well, maybe it's just my system. Although everything I've checked today, before and since, displays correctly. I'll reboot the browser, after posting this.
    Update (January 23, 2010)

    Aha! The background graphic hadn't loaded. And whoever designed the page - or the designer's supervisor - had decided to make the pages' font white. And make the default page background white, too. The background graphic is fairly dark, so the white text shows up just fine. If the page background had been a dark color, it wouldn't have made a difference.

    Oh, well.

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