Monday, January 11, 2010

Classical Music is Boring, Right? Check Out "Oh Fortuna"

"Oh Fortuna in Kerkrade"

Lamoricone, YouTube (February 4, 2009)
video, 4:00

"Andre Rieu his orchestra, choir and the sopranos Suzan Erens (Holland), Carmen Monarcha (Brazil) and Carla Maffioletti (Brazil) sing Oh Fortuna. July 10, 2004. Composer: Carl Orff. Flying Dutchman...."

This is a pretty good performance of one of my favorite vocal / orchestral pieces.

I suggest that you be patient with the conductor. His introduction lasts a minute - oh yes, the lyrics are in Latin. They start with

"O Fortuna
"velut luna
"statu variabilis,
"semper crescis
"aut decrescis;
"vita detestabilis...."

Real boring, right?

Or, not.

Blasts of flame help the music along: but I don't think the piece really needs it. They're cool, though.

Another performance: Same conductor, somewhat different treatment. Don't let the time fool you: The conductor doesn't talk for a minute before getting down to business this time. The extra time is mostly audience reaction, after the music.

"Oh Fortuna - André Rieu"

Escoscado, YouTube (January 28, 2009)
video, 4:46

"Oh Fortuna"

André Rieu does seem to like fireworks.

Yet another:

"carl orff - carmina burana o fortuna"

pietrodiseriate, YouTube (June 2, 2009)
video, 5:19


Good advice, I think. This is essentially a sound recording, accompanied by a still photo of Earth.

This recording goes beyond "Oh Fortuna."

1 comment:

Brigid said...

Don't forget the 1812 Overture. Which included cannons.


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