Sunday, January 17, 2010

Clinton, Bush Lend Names - at Least - to Fundraising Website

"Presidents Bush, Clinton head Haiti fund: 'Just send your cash' "
Bloomberg News, via Chickago Sun-Times (January 17, 20101)

"With former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton at his side at the White House on Saturday, President Obama said his predecessors will lead a humanitarian mission for Haiti's earthquake victims that will reach beyond government efforts and tap the generosity of the public.

" 'Americans have always come together at times of international crises,' Obama said. 'Responding to disaster must be the work of all of us."..."

The two former presidents are involved with another fund-raising unit, a new website:

Haven't Supported Haiti Relief Yet? Here's Another Chance

The Lemming doesn't usually quote a whole page - and I didn't this time. Quite.

Here's most of the text from the home page of that new relief fundraising website:

Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

"Support the Earthquake Recovery Efforts in Haiti

"On January 12, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti just outside the capital city of Port-au-Prince. The devastation – in lives lost, property destroyed, and families displaced – is immense.

"At the request of President Obama, we are partnering to help the Haitian people reclaim their country and rebuild their lives.

"Our immediate priority is to save lives. The critical needs in Haiti are great, but they are also simple: food, water, shelter, and first-aid supplies. The best way concerned citizens can help is to donate funds that will go directly to supplying these material needs.

"Through the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, we will work to provide immediate relief and long-term support to earthquake survivors. We will channel the collective goodwill around the globe to help the people of Haiti rebuild their cities, their neighborhoods, and their families.

"We ask each of you to give what you can to help ensure the people of Haiti can build back stronger and better than ever.

"Both of us have personally witnessed the tremendous generosity and goodwill of the American people and of our friends around the world to help in times of great need. There is no greater rallying cry for our common humanity than witnessing our neighbors in distress. And, like any good neighbor, we have an obligation and desire to come to their aid.

"Thank you for taking the time to visit, and we hope you will donate to this worthwhile cause. The people of Haiti now need our assistance more than ever.

"President William J. Clinton
"President George W. Bush"
This website's on Twitter: They're on Facebook, too: The Lemming is adding the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund to a list of charities that are raising money to help Haitians.

People are still being pulled out of collapsed buildings in Haiti. Sometimes they're alive. They've got a better chance to stay that way, if relief agencies have money to buy supplies: and the fuel to get the supplies to Haiti. Also heavy construction equipment. Some pieces of rubble are big.

And, although there are independently wealthy philanthropist-construction workers exist, I suppose, the bulldozer operators, doctors, and other people helping Haitians often have bills of their own to pay. Everybody working for free sounds groovy, but here in the real world: things don't work that way.

Haiti needs help.

Help costs money.
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