Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fashion Designers: Who Designs What the Rest of Us Wear?

"I see you’ve been shopping in Paris, Lamar…"
Oddly Enough, Reuters blog (January 23, 2010)

"Dear Mr. Basler:

"It's me again, the actual attorney representing some men's fashion designers. You will recall that my clients are outraged at the biased way you cover their industry, always making it appear their creations are not something regular guys would wear.

"Yeah, I remember you. Last week you demanded that I run the last three men's fashion pictures from our photo wire, which I did, and they were beyond hideous. What's eating you now?

"My clients are furious that those three photos were from a Fashion Week in BRAZIL. That's hardly fair.

"So now, we DEMAND that you visit a more cosmopolitan, sophisticated fashion venue.

"We DEMAND photos from Paris fashion week. Then, you'll truly see men's clothing designed with taste and finesse. My clients are waiting...."

(from REUTERS/Benoit, via Oddly Enough, used w/o permission)
"Models present creations by British designer John Galliano as part of his Fall-Winter 2010/2011 men's fashion show in Paris January 22, 2010. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier"

Then, there's the photo of a creation from Berlin Fashion Week January 22, 2010.

As I've said about one or two other phenomena: You can't make this sort of thing up, folks.

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