Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fashion and the Queen of the World - According to Oddly Enough

Oddly Enough, Reuters blog (January 25, 2010)

"Blog guy, please settle an argument I'm having with my friend.

"Is there such a thing as the Queen of the World? My friend says yes, but I say no.

"Of course there is. No offense, but you're obviously a cheese-eating bonehead.

"Here is a photo of Her Highness out walking among the commoners.

"What's that red thing on her head?

"There's nothing on Her Highness' head. That's a logo on the wall behind her. Probably the Royal Logo...."

I have to be careful, and not put too many Oddly Enough micro-reviews in this blog: I think they're funny, for the most part, and have to be sure I turn this into the Apathetic Lemming for Oddly Enough blog.

Anyway, the creator of Oddly Enough posted again.

This time, though, about fashion that doesn't make my eyes bleed. That outfit looks like something a woman might wear, without being paid to do so.

Robert Basler makes a bit of social commentary (or is it a gag? It's hard to tell) at the end. His 'correspondent' was dubious, because there wasn't anything about a queen of the world online.

The post ends with:

"...Ah. Fair enough. Well, give me five minutes and then check Wikipedia."

Which is why I'm really careful about checking my sources, online and otherwise. Which is another topic.

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