Saturday, August 1, 2009

More High Fashion: Blindfolds on the Models?!

"High fashion, it's all in the execution?"
Oddly Enough blog, Reuters (July 31, 2009)

"Blog Guy, please let me jump in here quickly because I have special fashion needs which are fairly urgent.

"Okay, I've never heard of urgent fashion needs, but go on...."

Hats off to Oddly Enough for once more making the Lemming's live a bit easier.

Although making fun of what comes out of the psyches of fashion designers provides about the same challenge as shooting fish in a barrel, I enjoy a look at the silly side of humanity now and again.

I have no idea of what profound, sophisticated statement Argentine designer Verolvaldi was trying to make with these - veils? - but the do look like blindfolds. I'm going to leave that thought right there at the street corner, walk on and pretend I didn't notice.

What's genuinely interesting about fashion and fashion designers, from my point of view, is that there seem to be enough people among Earth's 6,000,000,000 or so who actually buy this stuff. Or pay to look at it.

I guess P. T. Barnum may have been right.

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