Thursday, August 6, 2009

From the 1933 King Kong to Grilled Octopus: a Short Mental Journey

Earlier this evening, my oldest daughter and I were discussing the 1933 movie, King Kong. That got me to wondering how to grill octopus on the family's outdoor grill.

The connection's quite direct, actually.

It's possible to think of King Kong as a tender tale of unrequited love: but I'd guess that more people see it as a monster movie.

A little over 20 years later, Japanese filmmakers released Godzilla on an unsuspecting world. (I know: American audiences are more familiar with the 1956 re-release with some Raymond Burr scenes edited in.)

Again, it's possible to think of Godzilla - either version - as a trenchant exploration of the evils of technology, apathy about environmental impact, cultural imperialism, and the consequences of negligent dental hygiene. (Have you seen what Godzilla's breath does to Tokyo?) But again, I'd guess that more people see it as a monster movie. One that, like King Kong, has inspired remakes: including the unforgettable (no matter how hard you try) Bambi Meets Godzilla (1969).

Two monster movies. One of them made in Japan. Octopus is part of the Japanese diet. Octopuses - octopi - an octopus or two - is/are a staple in monster movies.

See? It all makes sense! Sort of.

Then, with tentacled things on my mind, I did a bit of research and came up with "Grilled Octopus?!" Easy Griller (August 6, 2009).

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