Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lemming Tracks: Artwork From a Work-In-Progress

I Come in Peace

- - - But I'm not stupid. This graphic, and the other one in this post, are part of a work-in-progress with the working title "Castle Dampthorn."

This image is from the point of view of someone being greeted by a Peace Maiden.

Peace Maidens are women, generally young, who act as negotiators for the petty kings and landholders of their world. Unaffiliated with any kingdom, they are renowned for their honesty and impartiality. Although they wear chain mail, they travel the lands unarmed as a sign of their peaceful intent.


I'm not sure if this spot exists in the Castle Dampthorn setting. I created it as an exercise in landscape and architectural design while working on Castle Dampthorn, back in 2007.
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