Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lemming Tracks: Autumn Holiday Graphics

Cinderella: Halloween Edition

I created this as the Halloween, 2007, graphic for my Sauk Centre Journal, where I write about what's happening in this small town, here in the heart of darkest Minnesota.

And, no: we don't have fairy godmothers and very strange limo services here. Just a variety of blood-sucking invertebrates on the prowl during those months when the lakes and marshes aren't frozen solid.

Turkeys of the World, Unite!

Again, from 2007: The idea of turkeys reacting in a human way to Thanksgiving isn't anything new. However, as I explained that year:

"...I read that Seattle is teaching kids that Thanksgiving is a day of mourning: something about American Indians.

"Inspired by this alternative view of a traditional holiday, I created a relevant view of Thanksgiving that could be introduced next year..."

For the less militant at heart, I created this for the 2008 holiday.

Free the Thanksgiving Forty-Six Million

The turkey images were created by classyladytwo, on Renderosity. The graphic is a collage from her work, plus the signs and their artwork.

Schedule permitting, I make an effort to create something new for at least a few holidays each year: the ones that are a big deal in American culture, anyway.
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