Friday, August 28, 2009

A Really Big, Flexible Colored Pencil Set

"felissimo's 500 colored pencil set for social designer"
design boom (on or before August 21, 2009)

"designed by felissimo for social designer this complete set of 500 colored pencils consists of 20 units, each pencil telling its own story with a unique name. you cannot buy the complete set of pencils all at once, but you can receive them over the course of 20 months. four different display methods..."

The lack of capitalization shows that this is a very creative and sophisticated post. the e e cummings thing you know i wonder if it s more haute when you don t use punctuation either

The first comment was: "Stupid and boring."

I must have low standards. I thought the 500-pencil set looked cool. I have no use for that many colored pencils: but I can see how a commercial artist might want something like this as a combination display and tool for the office.

I suspect the pencil set is intended at least as much as a visual accent for a room, as a practical tool for artists and designers. Which is okay.

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