Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Seven Very Strange-Looking Houses

"Top 7 Weirdest Houses"
MyWiki (November 25, 2007)

Hundertwasser's House, the Upside-Down House (more or less), a Toilet-Shaped House (this one's made several lists - and a post in this blog (December 28, 2007)), a House on the Stick (looks something like a billboard at sea), Bubble House (looks the way The Future used to), the Broken Column House and the Glass House by Philip Johnson.

There are weirder houses, but not by much.

A word or so about "the Glass House" by Philip Johnson: I see the author's point. That architectural oddity is beautiful, but ... well, take a look for yourself.

Not on the list is a house which I hope to find online someday. It was designed by an architect as a one-of-a-kind gift to his mother-in-law. Constructed of conventional planking, the house is a rectangular prism, resting on one edge, the four 'middle' corners supported by wooden pillars. A chimney is encased entirely in wood, and the door is in one of the sloping sides.

The house drew a little attention a few decades ago, as an architectural curiosity. Being from an agricultural area, I recognized the shape almost immediately.

It's a scaled-up replica of a commonly-used sort of fertilizer bin.

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