Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Superball Recipe from Wired

"Make a Super Ball"
How-To Wiki, Wired, (August 26, 2009)

"Remember those impossibly bouncy, 25-cent wonders that could conceivably take out an eye? Bob Lazar, CEO of United Nuclear Scientific Supplies, offers these steps to making your own unruly orb...."

Despite 'nuclear' being in the name of his company, this super ball how-2 doesn't seem to involve any radioactivity. Just a few simple items like a wooden stick, ethyl alcohol, sodium silicate - - -.

Yeah. That sodium silicate might not be in the grocery. The wiki tells in general terms where to find it online, though.

The three-step process looks easy enough: although I'd suggest that you make sure the room you're in has decent ventilation. I'm rather glad to not see warnings like that in the article, though: here's a magazine that assumes its readers have a little common sense!

I won't be making one (probably), but reading this super ball recipe was a sort of trip down memory lane. I've got four surviving kids, you see, current ages 13 to 26.

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